I am proud of the service provided to our county this last legislative session.  I provided financial leadership that helped balanced a budget with a $ 90 million deficit while defending the University of Wyoming from further cuts. I voted to keep the quality of education high and supported hard working teachers through the lowest level of cuts. I supported new energy companies to create jobs by voting against new taxes. I supported the Ag industry by voting to allow them to offer new products.  I supported new economic development by voting for the ENDOW initiatives and for the Wyoming Business Council. I supported the tourism industry by my votes in committee.   I was appointed to three committees where much of the work of the legislature is done.  I was appointed to Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions; Revenue; and Capital and Investments Committee.  Through these committees as well as during the general sessions, I was able to support our County, City, University of Wyoming, Wyo Tech and Economic Development.

My Legislative Experience will help attain these priorities


  1. Funding for PreK-12 education

  2. Funding for the University of Wyoming

  3. Funding for Vocational training through LCCC and WyoTech


Economic Development

  1. Support the Wyoming Business Council

  2. Assist with the ENDOW initiatives in funding infrastructure, air service and broadband graduates in our state


Existing Business

  1. Reduce regulations that interfere with business growing in our state

  2. Assist with job training

  3. Provide vocational training for the service industries and provide more of these needed jobs

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