I hope to be of value to the citizens of this great state through my financial leadership and the knowledge I have gained in my many years of civic and political service to this county.  I am a Laramie native graduating from the University of Wyoming with a B.S. in Finance and my M.B.A.  I was elected to two terms as trustee of the Ivinson Memorial Hospital and was elected to the Laramie City Council.  I was co-founder with Senator Nicholas in creating the Laramie Beautification Committee and have continued to Chair that organization for many years.  I am actively involved with the University of Wyoming serving on the Board of the American Heritage Center and past Chair of that Board.  My wife and I are life-time members of the UW Alumni Association.


Let’s do it together, finding solutions for Albany County

If elected I would accomplish the following:


  • Provide strong financial leadership ensuring disciplined spending

  • Continue to diversify our economy through job creation in new industry

  • Support the University of Wyoming to increase research, new technologies and other strategies to create more jobs for graduates in Wyoming

  • Assist the energy industry in clean-coal research and uses

  • Work with the Ag industry to identify new outlets for their products

  • Keep the quality of education high and support hard working teachers

  • Control the level of government and reduce regulations

  • Support tourism and keep outside dollars flowing into our state


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